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your humble narrator
03 March 2013 @ 10:26 pm
hello! *waves*

welcome to my journal. fics are always public, most of my personal posts are f-locked. due to my shyness, i'm not very likely to be the first one to say hi, but once you make the move, i like to think i'm easy to talk to and quite friendly. actually, i'm very friendly and talkative, you just need to message me first. i'm always happy to discuss fandom and/or other stuff!

if you'd like to be added back, please leave a comment on this post.

one day, i'm going to work on the masterlist of all my fics. one day. i promise. for now, you can find everything through tags.

Disclaimer for all my fics: I don't own them, everything is fiction, I'm not profiting from this, etc.
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your humble narrator
29 November 2016 @ 08:25 pm
the original post pretty much says it all: this year we need it more than ever.

please do spread the word and post your threads, friends, so i can go and leave love on them, just like you deserve. <3333

holiday love meme 2016
my thread here
your humble narrator
03 November 2016 @ 08:40 pm
i swear i'll write some fic and/or make a proper update and/or post regularly at SOME point, but.

is anyone doing nanowrimo this year? i'm looking for writing buddies because i literally don't have any and that's a sad life.

if anyone wants to know, i'm being incredibly boring and writing original literary fiction.
your humble narrator
16 September 2016 @ 08:09 pm
how the heck

am i supposed to




your humble narrator
13 September 2016 @ 10:56 pm
but the man booker prize shortlist was posted today and i am SO PUMPED! i've been meaning to read at least three out of those six books and aghhfjklakshgj.

i love books, okay?

anyway. thinking of buying all of them and reviewing them/rambling about them on here before the winner gets announced. that sounds cool. right?
your humble narrator
12 September 2016 @ 07:46 pm
when you don't feel like answering your september questions because you want to talk about other things, but if you talked about those it would make you feel guilty about not answering the september questions and... you know what i mean.

i don't think the monthly ask me anything is something i'll ever do again. IT JUST DOESN'T WORK. my brain refuses to be that active on command.

would anyone mind if i answered all of the remaining questions in one big post because. damn.
your humble narrator
10 September 2016 @ 06:35 pm
i have a lot of catching up to do, my apologies! i had a bit of a mental health stumble this past week and i needed to hang out with a good friend for a bit there to find my footing. ♥ all's good now!

sept 7
the_rant_girl asked: If you like any rarepairs, what are your favourites?

i don't think i do! well, i will always be weak for femslash, but i don't actually go out and search for fanfic, nor do i write any. (speaking of femslash, all of those pairs are rare - there's not enough femslash, people. but that would be a discussion post on its own.) i guess you could say that i like the idea of claire/alex and i very much do adore jody/donna, but that's about it? i stick to the main ones. speaking of jody/donna, i bet you can guess what part of the s11 gag reel was my favorite. :p


sept 8
the_rant_girl asked: what's your earliest memory?

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your humble narrator
08 September 2016 @ 02:14 pm
i know i didn't do the september q for yesterday (and i don't have the time to do today's either - will catch up tomorrow) because a spur-of-the-moment hanging out with a friend is happening, BUT I HAVE TO POST ABOUT /THIS/. MY FAVORITE CHALLENGE IS BACK \o/ \o/ \o/ real life squeeing is happening.

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your humble narrator
06 September 2016 @ 11:39 pm
(there's still a couple of free days left if you want to ask a question!)

big_heart_june asked: what's your most favourite breakfast?

and the ugly truth is that i'm not a very healthy person and on most days, breakfast doesn't even exist in my world. my favorite breakfast is... no breakfast. i leave the house without eating anything most of the time (okay - literally every day) and buy a little something on my way to school/wherever i'm going. small pizza-flavored rolls, spinach-cheese rolls, stuff like that, so not even a LITTLE healthy. to be honest with you, the only time i actually eat in the morning is on vacation and that's always just a little bit of cereal. /o\ (my body doesn't actually respond to food early in the morning well and usually gives me a stomach ache as a result, um. sorry i couldn't provide a fancy answer with fancy pictures! feel free to ask another question in place of this one if you want to, bb!)


A Supernatural/CWRPF holiday gift exchange!
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SIGNED UP YET? i haven't, because i'm still working on my prompts (you'd think i'd be ready considering i went around pretty much begging for this challenge to happen, but... no) but YAY! YAY YAY YAY! it's one of my favorites and i'm so so so excited!

in OTHER fandom news, i finished editing That Other Thing i mentioned a couple of days back, and it ended up being nearly 50k. i clearly still have it in me, but i'm still very sad i couldn't pull it off for the spn j2 big bang this year (even though i had so. many. other things. going on). NEXT YEAR, OKAY? i promise. someone call me out if i start moping around saying i can't do it.

QUESTION: what are you guys working on right now? any exciting fics, challenges, collabs? TELL ME.
your humble narrator
04 September 2016 @ 09:31 pm
(there's still a couple of free days left if you want to ask a question!)

i missed yesterday! my apologies. i got distracted by the fic i'm editing - i'm very sorry... and also happy that that's something that can still happen to me!

sept 3
amberdreams asked: What are your top five most played tracks on your music player right now?

1. st vincent - prince johnny

this is the perfect example of a song i don't feel connected to in any way, at all, and yet it's one of my all time favorites. i usually do feel a connection to what i listen to, but this - the melody, perhaps - works for me anyway. i discovered st. vincent a few years ago when a friend recced her to me after i asked for queer musicians suggestions, and even though as an artist, annie clark is not my favorite, there are a few songs that i adore to bits.

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sept 4
milly_gal asked: What keeps you here in the SPN fandom?

i think it's a mix of... everything, and it all ties together - if any of these things were missing, i wouldn't be here. i wouldn't be here if the fandom itself wasn't as amazing - if the majority of it were full of negativity or petty 'wars'. then again, i wouldn't be here if i stopped liking the show. i know i wouldn't want it to happen, but if the show started to disappoint me, my passion for it all would dwindle as well and i would slowly disappear from the fandom. and, to be completely honest, it's the cast as well. it's one thing to have passionate people to talk to and a good show to discuss, but were the creators and cast arrogant and rude, it would make me back away as well. it's a combination of all three for me.

that's theory. but to be honest, i can't imagine not being in this fandom at this point. it's not that i've been doing this since i was a sophomore in high school, though i suppose it is a small part of it - it's just that it feels like a community and i always wanted one. to feel welcome and accepted and not judged. free to speak up without fearing rejection or backlash of any kind. i don't think i realized this until jibcon, what exactly this fandom means to me... it's a safe place, the one thing i have that never fails to amaze and comfort me - be it fics, the show itself, the characters (oh boy, do i care about them), or the people in the fandom. it's something that i'm so happy to have found - i can't imagine not being here. so yeah, i suppose you're stuck with me. ♥